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There will be a full programme of activities on the marketplace in Blyth from 10:00 - for more information click here
Blyth appears twice on the 2017 Stage 2 route. The race will head down Cowpen Road, pass through Waterloo Road then head out past the Port to complete a loop through Seaton Sluice and Seaton Delaval before heading back down Laverock Hall Road and along Broadway before crossing the finish line once again on the marketplace on Waterloo Road.

Road Closure information


Seaton Sluice

The bus station will be closed for a period between 14:30-16:15 - for more information on the services that will be disrupted, check our Public Transport page.
The following car parks will be closed on 4 September:
High Street - for the Street Velodrome
Keel Row - for the support vehicles and team buses
King Street - reserved parking for invited guests
Customers of Morrisons will still be able to access their car park (usual terms and conditions apply). Parking is also available on the Quayside and on Freehold Street, but be sure to arrive early to avoid road closures.
Information for residents:
The advertised times are based on the worst case scenarios and are given as a period of time within which to avoid travel on the roads if possible. Various factors, such as the speed of the race or broken down vehicles can influence the closure times on the day.
Where it is safe to do so we will endeavour to allow cars to escape road closures in direction of the race.
For example, those living on the estates around Amersham Road will be allowed to leave via the roundabout on the A193 in the direction of the Plessey Road roundabout and around to Laverock Hall Road until approx. 14:30.
The published closure times are the worst case scenarios, designed to allow us the flexibility and time to deal with the race running fast or slow and to allow us to remove any vehicles causing an obstruction. Whilst our priority will always be the safety of the riders and public safety and would encourage you to plan around the published times, we also plan to limit the disruption as far as possible.
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