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Tour of Britain 2021 - Stage 6
Friday 10 September - Public Transport Notifcations

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order relating to this event can be found here as determined by Northumberland County Council 


  • East bound services through Hexham will temporarily depart from Hexham railway station and use the A69 out of/around Hexham
    (this will just cover the services from approx 2pm - 3pm)


  • West bound services through Hexham will be held until the roads open again 


  • Prudhoe services will use the bypass around Prudhoe, missing out the town centre until the race has gone through


  • The service from Allenheads will be slightly delayed and will follow on behind the race


  • The 689 service departing Hexham bus station at or just before 2pm, travelling in the direction of the race along the A695 to Dilston West Cottages before turning off the race route. This service will be planned to run to timetable assuming race is running to time and will be slightly delayed if the race is running ahead of time not allowing the but to leave Hexham bus station 

Service updated for Go North East will be posted here when available 


The train station at Riding Mill and Stocksfield will both be impacted by the Race Route ​

  • Riding Mill 

    • Closure Notification period 14:15 > 15:15
      Trains possible affected
      15:05 to Newcastle
      14:30 to Carlisle

  • Stocksfield​

    • ​Closure Notification period 14:30 > 15:30
      Trains possible affected
      15:09 to Newcastle
      14:25 to Carlisle
      15:25 to Carlisle




Event producers for Northumberland County Council

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